=====This page is dedicated to the sharing of coaching ideas, drills and practices. Through the sharing of ideas we can improve the quality of coaching, training and games across all CISSA sports.=====

==Football (Soccer)==

Here are 2 training sessions for coaching defending when organised. You need SmartNotebook software to view the orginals or you can download the word documents to see a slightly ammended sheet.

This session starts with a ball bases warm up, control and speed drills. Then a some shooting under pressure.
The beginners then progress to small 2 v 2 grids. Here you should focus on the defenders movements and communication. Encourage the nearest player to put pressure on the ball and the other player supports from an angle of around 45°.
They then progress to a 4 v 4 or 6 v 6 game scenario.
Advanced groups go go straight to the game scenario.