cissa2.JPGCISSA Sports (China International Schools Sports Assoc.)

Mission statement:

“CISSA is a multi-inclusive sports organization that emphasizes involvement for all
international schools and fosters individual and team excellence in a co-operative, friendly
and enjoyable environment between all participating students.”

What is CISSA?

CISSA is a 'total participation' sports partnership based in Shanghai, China. Set up in 2000 by SAS - Shanghai American Scool - Pudong as a way to involve students from Year 4 – 9 (Grades 3 - 8 American system) in team sports. The organisation has grown and can now boast 20 member schools from Shanghai and it's neighbouring cities. For the purposes of CISSA, Shanghai is split into 2 divisions, East and West. Schools play weekday games against other schools in their 'divison' and then both zones come together on day-long Saturday events. Each coach then selects a player to represent their division in an East Vs West representative game.

What do we do?

CISSA has several seasons throughout the year, each lasts around 6 weeks and is focused on a different sport. Schools in the association host 'friendly' matches on weekday evenings and there are several tournaments held on Saturdays during each season.

We currently hold events for the following sports:
  • Touch Rugby
  • Football (11 a-side, 8 a-side and mini-soccer)
  • Floor hockey
  • Volleyball
  • Athletics (Track & Cross Country)
  • Basketball
  • Swimming
  • Table Tennis
  • Badminton

More details, including the rules and regulations, can be found in our handbook.

LATEST NEWS (last updated on: 2nd September 2009)

1. HURRAH! Wiki page is now under construction.

The forum for all CISSA AD's (Athletics Directors) is up and running. First you must join wikispaces (here) then return to this page.
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2. Table Tennis Tournament this weekend.

3. Handbook now available online.

4. Dulwich Shanghai Cup reports.



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